Amazing Race Bali : Your Next Team Building Adventure

Fun Amazing Race Bali is an activity modeled after the popular reality show of the same name where teams race against each other to complete a series of challenges and clues while navigating through different locations. These challenges test the teams' communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills while fostering teamwork and trust among team members.


Amazing Race team building activity offers a fun and engaging way for organizations to boost morale and promote teamwork among employees. This team building activity requires teams to work together to complete different challenges. Participants are assigned different roles, and everyone must contribute to accomplish their goals. The activity promotes delegation, communication, and cooperation, enabling team members to understand each other's strengths and weaknesses.



Our Fun Amazing Race Bali Team Building program is an adventurous activity with a car, VWjeep or bicycle to visit several places  and completing the fun games/activities at each place of visit. The activities are carried out in energetic and exhilarating togetherness games mixed with Balinese culture. ( tailor-made )

Ice Breaking & Team Formation

After breakfast, from your hotel, we'll go to a recreational park in the city of Denpasar, to take part in the initial warm-up program and ice breaking. Ice breakeng games are intended to make participants more prepared and more comfortable in participating in further activities. In this activities, participants will also be conditioned in forming groups (10-12 per group). After team formation, participants will be placed in the selected group per car and will receive CLUE for the next activity. 


Destination 1: Bali traditional market. You must use Balinese language to buy materials for making Gebogan "offerings" from several existing sellers (flowers, fruit, Balinese snacks).


Destination 2: Arriving at Batuan temple, you will get a Balinese sarong that will be used to see the area inside the temple. In the temple area, the team's task is to find several hidden puzzle pieces and must put all the pieces back together before heading to the next post.


Destination 3: Balinese House. You will be served coffee and Balinese snacks while learning how to make Gebogan with those various fruits you get from the traditional  market and learning Balinese dance with the locals.


Destination 4 : Restaurant in the middel of rice fields. In this place you will be given closing games.& also performing the dance you have learned before. Best performer will get prize :)


A Fun Amazing Race, you can combine with black lava 4WD Jeep Tour, Rafting, ATV RIde or other activities.