Our Bali Team Building Event is your best choice for unwind and ‘Pause” of the office routine.
We create tailor-made programs that fit to your requirements. Our Project Officers are specialists at helping you choose which activities will best suit your company needs.

Our activities options provide the perfect platform on which your team can build strong bond through shared experiences, fun activities and friendly competition. The variety of these team activities means there is a ‘room’ for everyone to enjoy, know each other better, and make your life inspired with thousand innovative ideas that suit to everyone.

We successfully deliver hundreds of corporate events, team building training, and Outing Refresh Program, both national and international, all planned and well managed by our friendly team expert.

Our team building program reveals many varieties of terrain, sea, beach, mountain, jungle and lake. We can organise venues that synchronise with your needs.


We are creating craziest but meaningful moment of a lifetime… 


Bring joy and happiness in adventure spirit for a day, half day, or multiple days. The aim of this program is creating joyful experiences during, or in the middle your meeting/corporate events/MICE in the beautiful land of Bali. We specialized in outdoor and indoor pumping up your energy to work.
Diversity management in your team by traveling based activity. Our Bali Amazing Race whether on foot or using various vehicles is a journey with specific activity and varies from venue to venue.

Each team is provided with various clues relating to finding each “check-point”. Some of the check-points have different activities. The first team to successfully complete all the activities and tasks is the winning team.
Outcomes: Fun and Competition, Time Management, Efficient Team Work, Problem Solving, Planning and Completion, Planning, Get to know each other.
Let’s build a great team in different perspective, explore the beauty of The Island of god from the old-fashioned map until the sophisticated GPS and digital application include learn about team work, coordination and effective communication among your team mates. The difference with amazing race is that you have to find your finish point according to the coordinate and your team synergy on the field.


Races with time and embrace your goal for successful attitude.