ADVENTURE INDONESIA provide also Jungle Survival Training. It is designed as a regular class for Airlines Crew, i.e. Pilot, Steward and Stewardess, and also the ground crew. It is a mandatory training for flight license renewal.


Currently we serve regularly the Airfast Indonesia and Travira Air based on PRIVATE TRAINING Program. PRIVATE TRAINING means it is customized in accord with your requirements.


The training takes place at Gunung Salak Halimun National Park mountain range at Bogor area. Situated at 800 meters above sea level the temperature could reach 19 – 21 degree centigrade. The site has a five hectares wide camping ground. It is could be reach within one half our driving from Jakarta.


Tropical Rainforest Jungle Survival is a distinctive skill that should always be refreshed over and over again. We are doing our best to develop the training to match the real life condition but in safety! It is no use at all to forcing people jump into an extreme condition since a real tropical rainforest emergency condition is impossible to simulate.


ADVENTURE INDONESIA Jungle Survival Training is really our proudly trade mark program that develop specially for safety and easy to learn. Coach by Instructors that is well experienced and specialist in extreme expedition such as high risk jungle expeditions, mountain and ice climbing.



Participant will certificate by ADVENTURE INDONESIA, it is state and guarantee that you have been training and following completely the training. There is no test or certification that (professionally and morality responsibility that guarantees the participants can survive / alive) ensure that person which already complete jungle Survival Training will successfully survive in the jungle… 


Jungle Survival Training can be done in 02 days 01 night duration to get effective learning in proper timing with some selective activity that suitable to practice. Survival is condition that must be avoids and only doing in very forcing circumstances.  It is very special blend of training, simulation and personality development for survival in the jungle in focus on Indonesian Tropical Rainforest.


To be sure, we are THE EXPERTS in this kind of activities