Corporate Team Building is all about providing you and your 'team' a unique indoor and/or outdoor activity. We are here to support you to create a fun and exciting Team Development Program just for you.




ADVENTURE INDONESIA offers various exciting activities – not just – for Team Building events but also a getaway from your daily routine. We do this through creative games and simulations; games and simulations that contain unique learning points and values orientation. 


It is the program designed in accordance with the Experiential Education method and blended with your corporate inquiry. Furthermore, we are able to carry out the program at many beautiful scenic places around the archipelago; whether it is a particular city or island, just name it. We will customize the program, especially for your team.


ADVENTURE INDONESIA  believes that human capital is the most valuable asset for every corporate and the basic foundation to achieve its success. We always focus to create a healthy environment within your corporate and among your employee. 


We also focus on some other advanced distinctive objectives like effective communication, leadership, and personal development. The limitation is just your company requirements.


The team-building event we provide gives everyone in your group the opportunity to explore their passions, and creative and artistic sides, plus their ability to build harmonious-effective relationship skills among others






Diversity management in your team by traveling based activity. Amazing Race whether on foot or using various vehicles is a journey with specific activity and varies from venue to venue. Each team is provided with various clues relating to finding each “check-point”. Some of the check-points have different activities. The first team to successfully complete all the activities and tasks is the winning team. Outcomes: Fun and Competition, Time Management, Efficient Team Work, Problem Solving, Planning and Completion, Planning, Get to know each other.




Let’s build a great team in different perspective, explore the beauty of The Island of god from the old-fashioned map until the sophisticated GPS and digital application include learn about team work, coordination and effective communication among your team mates.


The difference with amazing race is that you have to find your finish point according to the coordinate and your team synergy on the field.dit.