Permanent Mission of the Philippines to Asean

A Community of Opportunities for All

It is the ASEAN Community axiom; an axiom that is lived by its members. To realize the axiom, every
single person involved within the organization has to be in tune for each other. For this cause, The
Permanent Mission of The Philippines to The Asean –for further reference we shall called it The Mission-
has their annual team building. Proudly, Adventure Indonesia has awarded by The Mission the honor to
have another adventure with them.

During this event the Mission celebrates the brotherhood, teamwork, and family life as the model for
their mission. So, Adventure Indonesia send out our suitable team to facilitate the Mission achieve their
goal. We provide every single necessity, from room booking to the private dinner, from the live music to
the teambuilding program, just name it. Your wish is our command.

We enjoy working with the Mission as a client, brother, and friend. We give our sincere commitment to
it. We work with integrity always in our mind to achieve the goal.